9'10" Technique Dunk Day

Dunk Journal Entry 8-23-18

Dunk Journey 2.0 #371



So my plan today was to go to 9’10” rim, rep out dribble dunks especially two hand to get more comfortable because my comfort level and technique have gone down. Also, last dunk session two days ago on Tuesday I felt like my warmup jumps were high and my low effort couple step jumps were high but my max jumps were breaking down. It felt like I didn’t have the aggression to jump at my max and when I tried my foot would twist and I’d break form.

After that session it made sense I was feeling that way since the session two days before that I lifted 205 which is the heaviest I’ve done so far in recent lifting. Lifting seems to make my jumps feel easier but I may have been fatigued which may have hindered my max jumps

This is why I wanted to go back to low rim - so I can focus on technique and also have aggression since I know its low


I woke up not feeling that high energy, I got about 6 hours of sleep had to stay up late for gf’s sister and then had to get up early to take her to airport. Not optimal sleep so my mindset going into the session was highly conscious of my Central nervous system (CNS) and not to burn it out. So I’d start dunking and if it felt extra strenuous id cut it off to give my body a break.

As I warmed up I felt higher energy and felt good and felt decent height on my warmup jumps

Started with some basic two hand rim grabs and actually some lefty dunk attempts. Went well from the start. When I tried to add speed dribble dunk technique got a little worse so I kept going back to every detail. After watching video now my first two hand dribble dunk looked super easy.


Dunk Session:

I ended up jumping a lot, 64 times!! And hit my head on backboard on about my 56th jump!! So stamina was there and that was mostly right-left but had some good one foot attempts better technique than height as well as a couple left-right off dribble and got one!

Some jumps felt super high still can’t jump off dribble nearly as explosive as a lob. Had a huge windmill I made but didn’t dunk clean as I wanted just hit front of rim but way up. Hit 360 first try and east bay first try!!

Almost got drop step got some easy one hand dunks off about 2 steps. And also hung on two hand attempt off 2 steps. Hung off vert with two hands at the very end as well! Good stuff ton of jumps oh and killed some tomahawks off a lob which I think really helped my body get used to attacking the rim with two hands. Got 2 good ones but I still can crush them harder, they weren’t as yammed as my one handers are but im excited for them.


BODY FEELS GREAT! Zero pain anywhere, well back spasm super minor but already getting better. Pushed my one foot today and no knee pain.


I keep pushing my limits and I keep increasing my load. Going to see how I feel the next few days but I might need rest.

Resting in workouts is the only thing I lack in the discipline realm.



-Steven Celi

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