Dunk Day, Heavy Lift, Pickup Games, Short Approach - 4 days in a row

Dunk Journal 8-27-18
Dunk Journey 2.0 #372
Thursday i jumped 64 times.
Huge dunk session. 9'10" rim think it was the first time i hit windmill, tomahawk, 360 and eastbay all in the same session.
Eastbay was first try i was pumped.
dribble dunks still sucked but got my tomahawks feeling better off the lob which was really needed.
I don't feel as aggressive going for two hand dunks and i dont attack the basket from the right distance etc.
One handers i can throw from any angle and i attack 100% and timing is on point.
I can't do that even off a lob with two handers so i feel i need to get those feeling better before i achieve the ability to attack that hard off dribble.
Friday i decided to my heavy lift day.
I hit deep squats, elevated heels, up'd my weight from 205lbs to 225lbs
not a huge jump, still light but i really feel like im lifting the hardest way possible and buildin REAL strength.
PLUS MOBILITY is a huge focus for me.
Full Workout:
45 x 6
135 x 6
185 x 4
225 x 6
Single leg deadlifts
40 dumbbells
x 6 each leg
X 6 each leg
Shoulder external rotations
20 x 8 each arm
Chest press
40lb x 8 super slow and hold at bottom
Bulgarian split squats
Abs crunches
I was going to rest but my friend wanted to dunk so i thought maybe i can go get loose and just get moving and dunk tomorrow.
Ended up playing 2 games of pickup with actual hoopers, couldn't shoot for my life.
No game dunk attempts.
Tried dunking after games few good jumps but lost vert quick tried to just work on footwork at the end.
I was happy with my energy level and with my explosiveness.
vert was very short lived.
Since i had time, i figured i should work on my short approach dribble dunks.
Before i hit my first two hand dribble dunk on 9'11" I had a great day on 9'9" dunking two hands almost off a dropstep so i wanted to get to the same level on 9'10" cuz essentially i can dunk on 10ft the way i did on 9'11" on a fresh day.
footwork got a little better. i felt pretty dead which was expected. i had one really good jump which was off a drop step with ball in my hand and hung on the rim.
basically the same height as full approach dribble attempts
my dropstep with ball is terrible. i feel if i get this better not only is it optimal for game dunks but i think itll help my full approach dribble dunks feel way more natural and maximize my momentum.
love you all,
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