10ft Translation Day

Dunked yesterday 10ft.
Felt like i jumped really well in warmups. High warmups and slow few step approach jumps.
got up really easy even attempting one hand dribble dunk.
Max effort jumps i seemed to have had faulty technique. felt like i could barely even jump max without even attempting a dunk.
this is ok but i want to know why.
i think it was because sunday (two days ago) i went pretty hard
dunked and lifted
i think the lifting is making my jumps easier but slightly fatiguing me for max effort jumps
today im going to the gym for pure body maintenance. going to do pistols, split squats all with no weight.
also back spasm is acting up a bit so going to try to do pull up bar hangs to try to get that healthy. thats also a sign of over jumping
then tomorrow i want to dunk low rim 9'10" but may go light with it to heal up
also want to hit weighted split squats and seated goodmornings soon.
Overall. jumped high bad max technique. dribble dunk one hand felt super easy even almost got drop step which is the positive of the session. two hand dribble dunks were awful. two hand dunk attempts in general were awful.

Update 12:22 pm
Just finished workout:
Shoulder External rotations
15lb dumbbells
Seated goodmornings just the 45lb bar
Held at bottom huge stretch in hips
Split squats no weight
Throughout workout kept doing them periodically
Couple hanging abs
Super hard for me
Couple pull up bar hangs to help shoulder and back
About 30 sec each
Pistols on balance board
Couple sets about 3 each leg
Feel like I can go hard at the weights today but trying to remember I’m a little fatigued
Always hard trying to find that balance
Deep squats just the bar trying to hold at bottom
Dumbbell bench press
35lb pound
Just one set holding at bottom about 6 reps
Back spasm actually feels a little better rn. It usually feels better after I get loose but sometimes exercises inflame it more
Tomorrow’s plan is to dunk
We’ll see how I feel energy wise in the morning to determine if it’s a big Dunk session or a light one

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