Energy | A Story of Inspiration

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"It took me 3 years to get that one dunk
Why do I keep chasing these goals
I'll explain
I grew up dunking as something I Simply ENJOY
I played all sports. I loved running fast and jumping high
I dunked on low rims I dunked on trampolines
I grew up thinking dunking on a real hoop was only for the pros or for tall people
I started my journey, got my first dunk and my goals changed.
It went from just being able to dunk, to landing tricks and dunking in games!
As my journey went on I had injuries and setbacks but instead of slowing me down it just inspired me more!!
It felt like every time i wasn’t making progress I just had to push even harder to breakt thru!
and every next milestone kept getting harder and harder but I kept achieving one after the other.
Its been up and down and up and down but im really starting to believe that anything is possible.
I’ve had to go back to the drawing board over and over and I keep learning. I’ve learned so many life lessons from this journey and I feel like I’ve found my purpose.
That purpose is to INSPIRE!
I want to inspire others to dunk! But Dunking is just one aspect of my life.
It’s a metaphor for achieving what you may think is impossible
as I achieve these goals and get closer to living my dream, it always comes back to simply enjoying life
And just like sharing a book that expands your mind or a movie that moves you or makes you laugh or visiting a new place that makes you see the world from a different perspective
You want to share those experiences
so others can enjoy as well and so you can enjoy it together
The energy I feel as I achieve things that were once just dreams is what I want others to feel
It feels as if im bringing my entire existence up to a higher frequency!
I live for that energy!"
This is how I Found My Path in Life, its best feeling in the world. I live for that energy and I want other's to feel it!
Doing what you enjoy TEACHES YOU ABOUT YOURSELF!
Let that happiness lead you!
Whether I make progress on my path or I help someone else find their their, the energy i feel is exactly the same.
This is my passion!

With Love,
Steven Celi
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