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First 'Public' blog post ever besides the dunk entry i posted just earlier. I really like the dunk journal and going to try to continue that but then there was just so much else i wanted to share that i figured i'd just make this an overall life blog just like my other outlets. If you know me, i have a youtube channel and podcast thats heavily about dunking but also about all aspects of life. I eventually want my channel and brand i guess to be known as a place to just continue learning about everything and sharing stories and living life to the fullest and just entertainment. I don't think I write well but I don't think it matters. I feel like i can at least get my point across. My initial thought was make this a dunk journal so i can be consistent with that and have a specific reason for this blog but i just cant limit myself to that. And learning from past experiences, with my youtube and podcast, i've tried to make it only dunking but then i have strong urges to talk about everything. So, this shall be about everything as well. I'll probably ramble, kinda give an update on how my life is going and also share nuggets that i just feel everyone should know. For example, today i put my wallet in my front pocket of my work pants and its super tight. I do that because i learned sitting on your wallet in your back pocket while you drive is really bad for your spine. Over time, the imbalance can really cause problems and immediately just wanted to tell my friend as just a heads up. Hence im telling the blog because ultimately i'd like to share that knowledge with everyone. ok... this went longer than expected now time for my purpose of this first blog besides an intro. 


I really think being conscious of how you feel is a huge skill that can help you become better in every way. Just constantly trying to ask yourself, why do i feel bad today? why do i feel great today? was it something i didn't accomplish? was it something i accomplished?  "was it my diet? did i sleep well? As an example, i've had some days where i didn't get shit done at all because just didn't execute well or didn't like the way a video turned out which just happens from time to time. when you create things, you're not going to make great stuff every time. BUT i was still just in the best mood and felt like doing MORE! i was super happy life felt great and those negative attempts didn't bother me. CONTRARILY i've had days where i've done well i got a lot done, crossed things off my list, did extra tasks, hit a great day at the gym and then i just feel DOWN. just feel negative and start to question if I'm doing things correctly or not and start to doubt everything. By asking myself how im feeling, its usually on the side of "im very tired i just want to sleep, my body and mind feel like they need to just rest".  

I love feeling good. i think everyone does. but to me that energy is what MY LIFE IS ABOUT! i think its partly because i've felt those super HIGHS. as in i've dunked which used to be just a dream to me. i've made a rap, i've made a podcast, i've grown. i've down things that i've always wanted to do and it feels very fulfilling which has kinda sparked all the things i do. meaning since i've felt that feeling of fulfillment, it FEELS so good i want others to feel that and to me, the best i can help others feel that is explain how i got there. WHICH IS WHAT THIS IS.

i love energy. i enjoyed writing this. i hope to keep up with it i dont know how often but its another great outlet for me since i can write anytime anywhere on my phone and then post. 

i'd love to hear your thoughts

thanks to whoever actually read this

 p.s. i now have to go update my website so this doesn't say dunk journal and it just says 'blog'. i have so much more to say about this whole grind of becoming a content creator podcaster youtuber whatever.

-Steven Celi

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