I Live for the Energy! My Movie, Podcast and Reading

I'm sooooo hype to release my video
'I Live for the Energy'
its the first video that literally almost brought me to tears.
its very emotional for me bc its the truth and i really have tried the hardest i possibly could during this journey.
it hits me really deep to watch it.
I'm extremely proud of that because its the first time i've created something that actually moves me. I didn't have that exact intention when making it. I know i wanted to make it hype and motivational but didn't expect it to hit me so emotionally. I've watched other videos or heard songs that move me like that and i've always wanted to create something like that. it's very interesting to me that it happened without my intention.
I knew it would be hype, i've made hype videos before that give me energy and get me pumped for the gym that kinda thing.
but never made something that MOVED me, gave me that tearing up feeling.
it's truly amazing. IM SO PUMPED.
i cant wait to make more. I still dont think its that good visually, but the combination of the scenes i chose and the words i chose make a really big impact.
I'm learning a lot. Its cool to me that i didnt use the most cinematic scenes and just cut clips together and it can have such an impact.
It was the way i told the story.
I knew its all about the story but its different when you actually do it.
its going to be insane when i just get better clips and learn how to make better transitions and more edits.
Had a great conversation with Daniel Back creator of Jump-Science.com.
He was great to talk to an hour flew by.
Definitely going to have him back on. we talked about jump training, his story of how he got into training and his philosophy.
I'll be implementing his ideas behind strength and then realizing that strength by dropping the strength workouts.
I'm loving the podcast and although i have a good niche with dunk and jump training, i want to eventually have a podcast about overall life enhancement. I'm excited to interview more people and see where it takes me.
It's starting to feel like a legitmate podcast which is all I wanted out of it.
A place where people are looking forward to the next episode and can expect some value from every episode.
I still want to have random rants on there as well for pure entertainment.
Picked up reading before bed again, partly because i got interested again in Neil Degrasse Tyson's book "astrophysics for people in hurry" and partly because it makes me fall asleep super quick.
That book is mindblowing. it talks about the first miliseconds of the birth of the universe and then just keeps telling the story until it gets to the formation of earth..... reading that really made the moment i was reading it feel super insignificant.
Its sorta daunting but also liberating.
It's scary because it feels so vast you can't comprehend but then i also realize how fleeting life is so it invigorates me to do the MOST!
i can't wait to release my video.... i really hope everyone loves it.
not in an egotistcal way i just hope I'm able to evoke the emotions in others, that it made me feel.
thats what i want to do with my content.
involuntary make you FEEL! AHHHHHHHH!!!
Tuesday 11:46 am
with Love,
Steven Celi
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