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Went to D.C this weekend met up with a few subscribers for a dunk session it went great. Saw as much of the city as I possibly could in 2 days. Hung out with my boy Vince, walked over 10 miles on Sunday made a recap video of the trip. Thats all i want to do in life and its crazy that YouTube may allow me to do so. 

Having trouble keeping up with all i want to do. I want to make a solo podcast because i have so much info to share like D.C. public transportation, the culture and people there, flexbility, my dunk struggles, my mood when im tired, traveling, experiences with friends, the energy wave of the universe we all seem to be on, always focusing on long term goals, i had a lucid dream, standup comedy, dark matter. Anyway those are just thoughts i want to share on my podcast but i also want to document my flexibility more in depth i think its really holding back my jump progress. I have recent workouts i need to edit and upload and i also want to start streaming NBA 2k19. Dunking tomorrow and super pumped about cuz im going to be jumping really well. Strength training every week at least twice and staying consistent. I realized it'd be a really cool video to add "Airplane" "naked Gun" movie classic humor in to my videos but i dont know how yet.


As you can see I'm all over the place. I have so many things i want to create and share but just not enough time to do them all YET. yet as in I'll get them done eventually and i'll catch up from being so behind, but also, 'yet' as in I will make this my only job. To create and share. I love it too much and WHY NOT! idek why im writing this blog particularly. I think its helping a little since i have so many other things i want to make at least im making something...

Cool title ideas for this blog post:

So many ideas, so little time


Forever Behind

At least im making something...

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