May Hype

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit! 🐰 (it's good luck for the 1st of the month)

Start your month off strong! Remember your subconscious is determining what you think, do and feel without you knowing. Start your day with some intention and meditation so you can build your awareness and take back control! Fill your mind with what you want to achieve so your subconscious can get to work on it.

Stay patient with your training, train smart and listen to your body. Stay motivated by being clear on your goals! 
My goals?
I want to Dunk in games EASY! Catch alley-oops, 45" inch vert off the dribble, dunk two hands off vert and most importantly CATCH BODIES!! The thought of doing that fuels me endlessly 🔥🔥🔥


Much Love,
Steven Celi

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