the 'Start NOW' flex

Lately, I've been really working my 'start now' muscle. I'm trying to activate it as fast as I feel procrastination. Every time I accomplish something at all, whether it's editing a vlog, recording a podcast or even just writing this blog, the hardest part was always the very first step of starting. Even though I'm fully aware of that, it still gets me every time! I sit down to do it and feel the anxious, resistance of starting. There's brain chemistry behind this of course. Since you're feeling the anxiety to get start something new, the unknown, your brain tries to push you away from it. The second you get over this is smooth sailing!

So for me, i'm treating it like jumping in a cold pool. It's much easier if you just jump in but I'm not even doing a countdown. If I want to jump in that pool (start editing my vlog) I'm not even counting down 3, 2, 1 I'm trying to jump INSTANTLY after I feel that pushback. Just starting as soon as I have the thought NOT to start. 

Another huge tip that's been helping is giving my self a tiny goal. I'm talking something like 'start now' might mean just opening my laptop... That tiny goal gets you STARTED and that's the magic of getting started. If you can get over that hump usually your brain state changes and you can keep cruising. 

Like everything else it's a practice, so start small and you'll be amazed how fast it builds.
Get started and enjoy the process!
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