I'm sure you've heard its not the "destination its the journey" or "enjoy the process" but what does that mean?

To me, a lot of these cliches used to sound like words but now they have more meaning. When I continue to question things I feel as if I get to the root of meaning and it's more of a feeling thats hard to put into words


Here's how I like to think of those quotes. Imagine you had some ability to see into the future of a big goal you're chasing. If you could see that its completely impossible, would you still spend time on it? Also, on the other hand if you knew you could 100% achieve it, would you have any urgency?



Just like dunking, as soon as I hit a new dunk I want more. Yes I still love crushing a windmill over and over but thats because there's still uncertainty. Everything still has to come together, the toss, the timing, the jump and the finish. AND I can still jump higher and hit that same dunk at another level. If it was the exact same every single time, it would lose its value.


(I'm still thinking thru this analogy so I'm not sure if it will resonate with you but it's just a thought that brought some clarity into my life)


Life is temporary and the unknown of my abilities is what drives me


Keep thinking, keep working, keep questioning, keep going!!

Much Love, 
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