Vulnerability and courage

Morning! ☀️

Just watched Brene Brown's A Call to Courage on Netflix highly recommend (It was recommended to me by a few people but still, thanks Mom). 🎥
She has one of the most watched Ted Talks of all time "The power of Vulnerability".

She explains how you have to be vulnerable to have courage. For me, this is very powerful because I'm all about being your full self. You have to be vulnerable to do so and risk rejection. It's very hard to do but the reward is love and pure joy! Your story is unique and who you decide to share it with, are privileged to hear it. Meaning, If someone chooses to be vulnerable with me, I should feel privileged that chose me to take risk with and I should honor them with love and trust. 

To experience pure joy, you must be vulnerable 💞

Much Love,
Steven Celi
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