Why Journal?

Journaling: What I've Learned📝

For me, my mind races non stop. My enthusiasm for wanting to make the most out of every day is hard to turn off. I've been learning about a nightly routine is very beneficial in regulating good sleep. One of the practices I've been working on is journaling. The problem I was having was mixing my to-do list with my general thoughts and creative ideas. After speaking with a life coach myself in my training program, I learned about the importance of writing on paper and handwriting, but also about future pacing. As I've might've mentioned in a previous post, visualization is great to do before sleep since you move quicker into the subconscious states of brainwaves. When I would try this before bed I would get too excited about the future and it'd be hard to sleep. By journaling my visualization instead of leaving it in my head, I get it out of my problem solving mind, onto paper and I also get added benefits of the physiological connection between my mind and my hand. 

✍️Something new I learned is the connection of your mind to your hands, specifically in handwriting. Writing on paper, you can analyze your handwriting to learn more about your state you're in. If you look back at handwriting at different points in your life, you can find differences. This is useful because you can use these differences to intentionally induce states. For example, when journaling before bed, writing more calm and peaceful can help put you into that state so you can drift off to sleep easier. This is just one of the benefits of writing on paper.

So I know use an app Todoist for all my tasks and I use my notepad before bed to not only relax myself, turn off electronics and my brain, but also to visualize my future. By writing about it and creating a concrete picture, it becomes REAL! when it becomes real you can begin to have new thoughts and motivation to achieve those goals. Again, your mind doesn't know the difference between the physical world and a thought. Your mind sees both as an EXPERIENCE!

-Visualize that experience as if it already happened,
-Feel the emotions of achieving it (gratitude),
-Write all of this down to induce your state,
-Close your journal
-Let your subconscious go to work!

I hope you enjoy your day! Much Love,

Steven Celi
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