Why Meditation?

New week always feels fresh! lets get it!

I've made great progress in my life thru meditation and I just want to give a quick explanation on why I think its so beneficial for every moment of your life and achieving all your goals. 

I believe that true happiness comes from pursuing what you enjoy most. That sounds easy but a lot of people i talk to don't even know what they really love about life. Theres constant external factors from the world that distract us from being our true selves. For me, when I am being my full self my happiness on such a high frequency all i want to do is share the feeling with others. I want others to experience life in this way, hence why I'm making these posts!

To help find what you truly love to do, you have to question everything you feel and every decision you make. Sometimes its very difficult to even understand those questions or even detect what feelings you're having. This is where meditation plays a big role. Sitting alone trying to just focus on your breathe, you can start to notice what thoughts are coming into your head. Then you try to acknowledge and say to yourself  "ok i drifted off, let me get back to just focusing on my breathe". 

This is accomplishing 2 things:
1. You get insight into what thoughts are coming into your head involuntarily and you can start to dissect that line of thinking. This can lead to question after question that helps you learn deeper about yourself.
2. The ability to refocus on your breathe is a skill that will bring more awareness to your life. 

With these two skills (knowing yourself deeper and being more aware) every day decisions become easier to find the evolutionary decision. You are able to make the right choices that lead you along your path of passion and purpose.
Basic meditation practice:
Sit or lay in a comfortable position with as little distractions as possible
start with just 5 min-10 min a day. 
Just try to focus on your breath for 10 mins. When your mind drifts just try to refocus on your breath. Focus on the air flow just think to yourself repetitively "Breathe... Breahte..." 

If you can do this for 10 min a day, you will soon realize throughout your normal day you may get a cue to focus on your breathe. This practice is becoming part of your subconscious and this awareness is an amazing step towards your true path!!

I hope this helps! This probably won't be the last time I talk about meditation.
It's an ongoing practice that I'm constantly learning about

With Love, 

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