Zero Fucks...

First ever motivational email!! I hope this finds you well and you attack every moment of today!
Enjoy it to the fullest!

Zero fucks...



If you want to achieve ambitious goals and live your happiest life try to do everything without giving a fuck about what anyone thinks! Be true to yourself. The more you do things for your own good, the more happy you will become. It takes time but start by questioning why your doing what you're doing right now. Ask yourself, "Why am i saying this to this person?" "Why do I have this anxiety?" "Why am I posting this?" "Do i want attention?". Try to recognize which actions are inflating your ego and if so, try to do something that goes a different route. All these questions will help you get closer to your core which will lead to a much higher level of happiness.


First daily motivational email complete. I just want to say all of these will be free flowing ideas mainly from my own experience. These ideas and feelings have made me enjoy every moment so much i just feel the need to share!


Feel free to respond with your own experiences or recommendations.


Have a great day!!

Be kind and be your full self

See everyone as if they are another version of yourself.


With Love,



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