About Me

My name is Steven Celi I'm 27 years old and I am THE DREAM BUILDER. How did I end up here? Quick story:

I grew up as the short, funny, weird kid that was very athletic and loved all sports. I always gravitated towards basketball but in general, I loved running fast and jumping high. I loved being myself, making my friends laugh but that led to some major social confusion as I went through school. At the end of high school I set the goal of achieving a dream of dunking a basketball. I started documenting my progress on YouTube and after about a year I did it! Dunking became my lifestyle and I was living my passion! I also realized how much I love making videos, creating and expressing myself.

During college I had major breakthroughs in my awareness. I started to question why am I here? What am I doing? What do I truly want out of life? I learned a lot about myself and kept wanting to learn more. I kept questioning why I choose to have certain experiences or why I choose certain relationships. This led to a lot of self reflection and personal growth. The more I became aware of my true self the HAPPIER and more FULFILLED life became. It took a long time for me to understand why I was so confused in my earlier years.

Now looking back it was the lack of confidence and trust in myself to fully BE myself. Now I couldn't be happier, I feel more free than ever and I feel like I've found my purpose. I feel as if I'm on a path truly aligned with everything I loved to do and it's shocking how perfect it feels. I get to be my full self in every aspect and that's how I enjoy this life to the fullest! I'm very grateful for every moment and I want others to find their passion to enjoy life in this way. 

Feeling as if every waking moment is a dream.

I believe everyone's combination of DNA and life experiences makes them uniquely qualified for a certain path. I believe finding that path leads to a life of elevated happiness, passion and purpose that I, myself, want you to strive for! Living that life allows each individual to make the broadest impact on the world for the greater good of the planet

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